New Issue: Small Axe 58


Small Axe 58 is now available. With a preface by David Scott (“Badiou in Jamaica?”), the March issue features essays by Jack Webb, Daniel Benjamin and Paul Emilijanowicz; a special section, “The Jamaican 1970s, edited by Donette Francis; cover art and Visualities section, featuring the work of Jamaican artist Phillip Thomas, and Book DiscussionAda Ferrer’s Freedom’s Mirror: Cuba and Haiti in the Age of Revolution.

Table of Contents

Preface: Badiou in Jamaica?
David Scott

Silences and Specters: Haiti, the British Empire and the 1904 Commemorations of the Centenary of Independence
Jack Webb

On Ecstatic-Aesthetic Universality—In Zong!
Daniel Benjamin

From Dominican-Haitian ‘Cockfight’ to Polyrhythmic Counterpoint: Writing Difference on the Island of Hispaniola
Paul Emiljanowicz

The Jamaican 1970s 
Guest editor, Donette Francis

Interim Time: Recasting the Revolutionary Jamaican 1970s
Donette Francis

Reading the Jamaican 1970s as Political Thriller: Lessons from Pop Fiction
Rachel Mordecai

“Black Man Time Now”: Race, Class and Culture in 1970s Jamaica
Kim Robinson-Walcott

The Jamaican Left: Dogmas, Theories, and Politics, 1974-1980
Rupert Lewis

Reading the Seventies in a Different Stylie: Dub, Poetry and the Urgency of Message
Brian Meeks

The Jamaican 70s and its influence on the making of Black Britain
Eddie Chambers

Decolonization, the body and performance in the 1970s
Honor Ford-Smith

‘The Word is Love’: Michael Manley’s Style of Radical Political Will
David Scott

May You Live in Interesting Times
Phillip Thomas

Book DiscussionAda Ferrer’s Freedom’s Mirror: Cuba and Haiti in the Age of Revolution

“He Was a Lion, and He Would Destroy Much:” A Practical and Speculative School of Revolutionary Politics
Sara E. Johnson

Thy Neighbor’s Slave Society:  Rethinking Comparison and Interconnection in the History of Caribbean Slavery
Laura Rosanne Adderley

Slavery, Freedom, and the Work of Speculation
Ada Ferrer

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