Black Mother Khalik Allah

A post by Peter Jordens:

Khalik Allah’s 2018 documentary Black Mother has now been released in US theaters. Pursuant upon our previous posts on this topic, here are excerpts and links to a few new US-based movie reviews of Black Mother:

Black Mother is a sprawling testimony of nation and selfhood, and the film navigates the deep interconnectedness between plural identities and the ways in which they have been shaped by colonialism, gender, and religion. What surfaces is a lexicon of a nation that is multifarious, brazen, and spirited. Black Mother offers a portrait of wholeness through fractures, finding sacredness and acceptance in the most unexpected of places.” ― Naomi Keenan O’Shea, Mubi

“Embossed with lyricism, spirituality, culture and history, New York photographer Khalik Allah’s gloriously experimental Black Mother is a vivid pictorial and philosophical journal dedicated to Jamaica, especially to its tough yet burdened women.” ― Tomris Laffly,

Black Mother is dense and prismatic. Fragments of sound and image appear and disappear, unveiling far-from-glamorous aspects of Jamaica with beauty. Far from sappy, it evinces a spirituality in its very fiber while documenting socio-historical memory. […] Black Mother is a film about love made with love.” ― Tanner Tafelski, HyperAllergic

Black Mother is a personal, radical, expansive portrait of Jamaica and its people” ― Lawrence Garcia, The A.V. Club

“Think of this non-fiction film as a meditation and it makes perfect sense. […] This is Allah’s Jamaica, not the one in the fancy Come to Jamaica commercials. This is his sermon. His camera ministry.” ― Dwight Brown, Black Press USA

The US release comes with a new, extended trailer; watch it here.

Black Mother has won the American Film Institute Fest’s 2018 Audience Award for New Auteurs and the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam’s 2018 Yellow Robbin Award for Emerging Filmmakers.



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