Film: “Out of la negrura/Out of Blackness in the Bronx”


Out of la negrura/Out of Blackness in the Bronx: A Choreographic Collaboration across Diaspora (2018) is now available through Third World Newsreel (TWN). Out of La Negrura explores Caribbean/U.S. Latina American experience through dance. With an original project conception by Puerto Rican dancer/choreographer Merián Soto and production direction by Jane Gabriels, the film was created by collaborating artists Sita Frederick, Ana “Rokafella” García, and Marion Ramírez.

Writer and performer Kayhan Irani says, “This project uncovers the often concealed voices of artists of color and the deep well of practice, theory, history, and innovation they call upon to make their work.”

The film show-cases “the rich and diverse dance backgrounds of the Latinx performers as they mix salsa, breaking, Afro-Caribbean, and release techniques in one experimental dance piece.”

Pepatián is the producer and curator for this collaborative dance theater project that began literally from a dream of Bessie-award winning choreographer Merián Soto. As co-founder of Pepatián and curator of many performance projects during the history of the organization, Soto had long-carried the idea for a project that would bring Latina women together to create a spiritual reinvigoration of their connections with African ancestry.

Watch trailer here.

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