Bob Marley’s New ‘Easy Skanking’ Video Celebrates Jamaica


Everyday life in Kingston highlights striking visual for Kaya classic

Bob Marley’s native Jamaica shines in the new video for “Easy Skanking,” a song off 1978’s Kayathat has received an updated visual to celebrate both the reggae legend’s legacy and his birthplace.

The video, directed by the Pantera production company, “captures a loving, authentic look at a day in the life of the indefatigable, uprising spirit of the people who live, work, love, and call Jamaica their home,” Universal said.

“Easy Skanking” pairs Marley’s classic track with striking images of everyday life in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. The song “serves as a most wonderful audio/visual reminder to celebrate his ongoing global legacy and in these hectic times to take a moment to slow down and ‘take it easy,’” Universal added.

In August 2018, the Marley estate and Universal teamed for a 40th anniversary reissue of Kaya that paired the original 1978 album with a disc full of new mixes by Marley’s son Stephen Marley.

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