Repeating Islands is 10!!!

thumbnail_Coquito cupcakes

Today marks Repeating Islands’ 10th birthday!  We have received this delightful greeting from Peter Jordens along with the virtual coquito cupcakes above. Thank you, Peter, for all your contributions to the blog. We send our warmest thanks to all our readers for their support.

Dear Lisa and Ivette,

Warmest congratulations, felicidadesfelisitasyonpabien on the 10th blogiversary of Repeating Islands.

This blog and online repository seems to have become a crossroads, much like the Caribbean region itself, but in cyberspace; it is a virtual platform for both steady denizens and transient visitors who consult it as a news source, utilize it as a hyperlinking referrer, tap into it as a teaching or research tool, or access it for reflection and inspiration.

“Comprehensive” [1] and “wonderful, vibrant, impressive, indispensable” [2] are just some of the descriptors that Repeating Islanders use to praise what you call a “labor of love” and that illustrate its continuing success.

Your tireless dedication and the wide appeal of the blog convince me that choosing to collaborate with you eight years ago was one of my wisest decisions, and a most satisfying one.

Thank you for gifting us Repeating Islands.

May you enjoy many more blogiversaries.

Peter Jordens

[1]  Richard Price and Sally Price, Bookshelf, New West Indian Guide 91 (1-2), 2017,
[2]  Various UPR presenters, Tribute to Repeating islands, ICS Conferencias Caribeñas, April 9, 2015,

[Photo: Coquito cupcakes from Chef Veronica Velez’s website]

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