ICS Lecture: “José Martí, Lucy Parsons, and the Chicago Anarchists”


The Institute of Caribbean Studies at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras (UPR-RP) invites the academic community and the general public to the lecture “José Martí, Lucy Parsons y los anarquistas de Chicago” [“José Martí, Lucy Parsons and the Chicago Anarchists”] by Dr. Julio Ramos (Professor Emeritus, University of California-Berkeley). Dr. Juan Otero Garabís (Dept. of Hispanic Studies, UPR-RP) will introduce the speaker. The activity will be held on Thursday, February 28, 2019, 1:00-3:30pm, at Amphitheater Manuel Maldonado Denis, Carmen Rivera de Alvarado Building (CRA 108), School of Social Sciences, UPR-RP.

Description: In this lecture, we propose an approach to the series of Martí chronicles on the trials and execution of the anarchists of Chicago between 1886 and 1887—an extraordinary sequence of the “Escenas norteamericanas” [North American Scenes] in which the Cuban intellectual is ambiguously positioned before the most radical zones of the workers’ movement of the United States, the struggle for reduction of working hours, and general strike as a political practice and strategy. The starting point will be one of the least known chronicles of this series on anarchism: Martí’s approach to Lucy Parsons, outstanding intellectual and agitator. As we will see, reflection on the anarchists between 1886 and 1887 prepares Martí for a reconsideration of the question of justice and the violence of law.

This presentation will be broadcast LIVE online through the UPR-Rio Piedras web site at http://uprrp.edu.

Comments and suggestions on this presentation will be very welcome at iec.ics@upr.edu.

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[Photo above: San Nicolás de Bari Hospital, first hospital in the Americas; from https://www.otromundoesposible.net/hospital-san-nicolas-de-bari-el-primer-hospital-de-america/]

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