Teresita Fernández and Scherezade García in “Harlem Postcards”


“Harlem Postcards” is on view from February 21 until May 19, 2019, at Studio Museum 127, located at 144 West 125th Street, New York, New York. For their Spring 2019 season, the exhibition includes postcards by Judith Bernstein (US), Teresita Fernández (US, Cuban background), Scherezade García (Dominican Republic/US), and Baseera Khan (US, Indian background). 

Description: On view at Studio Museum 127, Harlem Postcards is an ongoing project that invites contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds to reflect on Harlem as a site of cultural activity, political vitality, visual stimuli, artistic contemplation and creative production. Representing intimate and dynamic perspectives of Harlem, the images reflect the idiosyncratic visions of contemporary artists from a wide range of backgrounds and locations. Each photograph has been reproduced as a limited edition postcard available free to visitors.

This season, we are pleased to present postcards by Judith Bernstein, Teresita Fernández, Scherezade García, and Baseera Khan.

Harlem Postcards Spring 2019 is organized by Eric Booker, Exhibition Coordinator and Alexandra Adams, Curatorial Fellow.

[Postcards above: Teresita Fernández’s Corona, 2019, and Scherezade García’s Thinking of Harlem: Memories Afloat, 2019.]

For more information, see https://www.studiomuseum.org/exhibition/harlem-postcards/spring-2019

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