Behind the Lens: Maya Cozier, Filmmaker


Trinidad and Tobago’s A Big Box of Crayons recently featured filmmaker Maya Cozier (director of She Paradise). Here are excerpts:

Maya is a Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival winner. She won in 2017 for her short film ‘Short Drop’ and has also directed music videos for the likes of Nailah Blackman and Freetown Collective. Her current project ‘She Paradise’ is due for release in 2019. Maya graciously gave some of her time to share with us her thoughts about creativity.

[. . .] When did you realise that you wanted to express your creativity? Was it encouraged by others (e.g., parents)?

I’ve been expressing myself creatively ever since I can remember. As a child, I was always writing, dancing, singing. In my late teens, I was a choreographer, and I did art in lower and upper six where I experimented with painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. I remember returning to Trinidad fresh out of film school, and someone asked me what I studied. They immediately went on a rant about how valuable law and science was for the fabric of society.

Creatives feel misunderstood constantly. As someone who is still learning and growing, I remind myself to put in the work. Once you put in the work, people have a harder time discouraging you.

[. . .] What piece of work are you most proud? Why?

I’m most proud of my last short film ‘She Paradise’ we’re still editing it. It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about and developing for over a year. It is my first film out of college, and I didn’t have to rush it to meet any deadlines. I got to take my time with the process. Being on the set of ‘She Paradise’ was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had to date. Everything just came together so perfectly.

[. . .] For what would you like to be most remembered?

I want to be remembered for my ability to not only tell stories from the Caribbean but to tell stories about women in a way that is fresh and nuanced. I feel like experiences between my girlfriends, and I are always experiences that only we can understand. I want to bring those private moments of friendship to the forefront in my next film in a way that is honest. [. . .]

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