Miami’s “Cafetera Sky”


[Many thanks to María Antonia Ordóñez for bringing this item to our attention.] Connie Ogle (Miami Herald) writes, “Forget the Umbrella Sky. The Cafetera Sky is here, and it is a Miami masterpiece.” She is writing about Latin Cafe 2000 (located at 875 NW 42nd Avenue, in Miami, Florida)—“the first Latin cafe with a bar.” Kali Castellanos created the colorful piece, inspired by the Umbrella Sky over Giralda Plaza. Ogle writes:

Sure, you miss all those colorful umbrellas on Giralda Plaza. Who doesn’t? But now you can experience the wonder of the Cafetera Sky. Or Cielo, if you prefer. You can’t get any more Miami than that.

Still, the Cafetera sky is pretty great. [. . .] It was also more work than expected. “My hand is still pretty sore,” Kali Castellanos confessed.

This Latin Cafe also brings Brickell its first true ventanita. (Point out to a Brickellista that Publix kind of has one, and he or she will tell you that one isn’t a real ventanita.) This is a real ventanita. We recommend the cortadito with evaporated milk, in case you wondered.

This is also the first Latin Cafe with a bar, and that bar offers a variety of specialty drinks, including the Malecon Mule (with Havana Club Añejo Blanco rum, guava nectar, fresh lime and ginger beer). During weekday happy hour from 4- 8 p.m., try one for only $7.

If we were you, we’d head over soon to snap a photo. Kali Castellanos isn’t sure how long her Cafetera Sky will remain. Maybe a month? Maybe longer? Get a selfie while you can.


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