Inter American University of Puerto Rico Hosts 1st Conference on Trends in Research


Hosted by the School of Graduate Studies and Research, the Inter American University of Puerto Rico [Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico], in San Germán, Puerto Rico, will take place on September 4-6, 2019. The main topic is “Innovation and Expansion in Scholarship Today.” The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 15, 2019.

Description and Guidelines: Research papers and reports on innovation and expansion in scholarship are welcome in any discipline. Context and focus may include Puerto Rico, the greater Caribbean area, the Americas, Eurasia, and Asia-Pacific regions. Plan for 20-minute presentations of research followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Suggested topics for presentation:

  • 4th Industrial Revolution • Access to academic resources • Cinema • Cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger Technologies • Environmental issues • Entrepreneurship • Foreign language teaching • Historical studies and historiography • Linguistic practices • Management of water treatment • Medical-Mental innovative treatments • Minorities in industry • Modes of written expression (traditional versus non-traditional) • Music as a treatment • Neuroscience studies • Recycling and reuse • Religious expression • Renewable energy • Tourism and development • Women in social sciences, humanities, business, and natural sciences research.

Please submit your abstract within the text of an email and NOT as an attachment. Send to on or before March 15, 2019. Include the following information: 1) a short abstract of 250 words or less, 2) author’s name and e-mail address, 3) home institution.

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