Forthcoming: “Anthropologie de la médecine créole haïtienne”


Edited by Obrillant Damus (State University of Haiti and Quisqueya University) and Nicolas Vonarx (Laval University, Canada), Anthropologie de la médecine créole haïtienne will soon be published by Éditions de L’Harmattan. Other contributors include Frantz Raphaël (physician and president of the Grosame Association, Quebec, Canada), Dr. Johanne Tremblay (University of Montreal, Canada) and Marie Cauli (University of Artois, France). The book includes a preface by Jean Benoist (professor emeritus, University of Montreal).

Description: Is Haitian Creole medicine perceived as a residue of ancient scholarly medicine? Is it doomed to disappear in times of modernity and hypermodernity, in its meeting with the West and its theoretical and practical developments in the field of health and disease?

Haitian Creole medicine is a system of multi-secular care with dimensions at once magical, symbolic, religious, mythological, technical and rational. Transmitted from generation to generation, it plays an important role in the battle against the vulnerability of populations, especially the most modest social strata in urban and rural areas. It is eco-centric to the extent that its practitioners, as part of their health care practice, must take advantage of and sustainably use resources found in nature. Unlike biomedicine, it is a practice of egalitarian care, since it is accessible to all social classes. If the authors of this book have not completely done justice to the complexity of Creole medicine, they have the merit of having presented experts in the field of health in Haiti and have approached the logic, conceptions, and practices present in the family and domestic space of Haitians.

The book will soon be available at

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