National Library of Jamaica gets new copies of Marley books


A report from Loop Jamaica.

The Rita Marley Foundation recently presented a collection of Marley books to the National Library of Jamaica, following a request by the library.

“We are aware that the library is in need of books and they didn’t have an extensive collection of Marley family works, so of course we presented to them today, a collection of books by Marley family members Rita Marley, Cedella Marley and Ziggy Marley,” said Rosemary Duncan, Manager of the Rita Marley Foundation.

The books, which were handed over to Monique Forgie-Scott, Manager of Collections Department of the National Library during a handover at the Bob Marley Museum include, “No Woman No Cry” by Rita Marley; “Harambe for the Holidays: Vibrant Holiday Cooking with Rita Marley”; Ziggy Marley’s “Marijuanaman”; “The Boy from Nine Miles”; “56 Thoughts from 56 Hope Road: The Sayings and Psalms of Bob Marley” and “One Love”, all co-authored by Cedella Marley.

Forgie-Scott said the books will be added to the library’s existing collection for future generations of researchers.

“So when these books would have gone out of print and so forth, the National Library as part of its mandate, would have them for everybody to come and have access to,” Forgie-Scott said.

The National Library of Jamaica has a mandate to collect all published materials about Jamaica and Jamaicans.

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