Exhibition/Film: “Y” Charles Juhasz Alvarado


Currently, Charles Juhasz Alvarado’s exhibition “Y” [And] is on view at the MADMi—Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar [Miramar Museum of Art and Design] until May 2019. The exhibition includes an excellent documentary film on his work, Retrato del artista: Charles Juhasz Alvarado. The 15-minute documentary film was written and directed by Gianpaolo Pietri González. MADMi is located at 607 Cuevillas Street, Miramar, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

MADMi writes: The exhibition “Y” by Puerto Rican sculptor Charles Juhasz Alvarado has captivated our visitors with its unparalleled mix of interactive and playful objects, and the opportunity to get to know the artist intimately through the documentary Retrato del artista [Portrait of the Artist] that accompanies the exhibition.

More than a visual artist or a designer, Charles Juhasz Alvarado is a storyteller, a kind of three-dimensional writer. His works, which always arise from a highly developed concept, are physically transformed into complicated and impeccable presentations whose invention leads the visitor not only to appreciate and to explore, but, better yet, to participate.

For more information, see https://madmi.org/charles-juhasz-alvarado-y/?mc_cid=ca292ec2dc&mc_eid=51fac3b13b

Visit the museum site at http://madmi.org

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