Protoje Embarks On School Tour

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 10.53.58 PM.png

A report from Jamaica’s Gleaner.

The international reggae star said the reason for doing the tour is a need to connect with students, both through music and engagement with an experienced ­creative professional.

“I want to bring the music into the school, bring them a different vibe — talk to them, reason with them and see what’s on their mind … just to have that connection. I remember when I went to school and if an artiste came through and hold a vibes, it’s a good feeling,” he said.

Just three stops in, the label leader reports that discourse between himself and the students has been positive.

“It’s been generally good dialogue. We just talking about life and focusing on school, doing things other than the traditional jobs, making a living through arts, just taking the unconventional path to success. The students are experimental. They want to try different things and want to see different outcomes. So I’m just going there and facilitating that dialogue,” he said.

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