New Book: Raphaël Confiant’s “L’enlèvement du mardi-gras”


A new book by Raphaël Confiant (Martinique) is now available—L’enlèvement du mardi-gras (Enquête sur une disparition) [The Abduction of Mardi Gras (Investigation of a disappearance)]—published by Groupe l’Archipel’s Éditions Écriture, 2019.

Description: A university president kidnapped during Carnival, in the Mardi Gras parade, in the capital of the island of Nadiland. Commissioner Nobertin is trying to unravel the threads of a case involving embezzlement by organized gangs, favoritism, and forgeries in public writing.

He soon discovers that the “Queen of Abyssinia,” as her captors called her, had risen up against the corrupt faction.

The land of cyclones, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, would Nadiland also become a land of the illegal privileges, malfeasance, and ritual crime?

Between campus novel, roman à clef, and hardboiled fiction, Raphaël Confiant reveals the dark and violent (though often funny) universe of an island Mafia that may even overshadow its Mediterranean cousin.

Translated by Ivette Romero. For original description and purchasing information, go to

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