Track Of The Day: Charlotte Adigéry connects with her Caribbean heritage in the mischievous ‘High Lights’


A report by Rob Hakimian for The 405.

Charlotte Adigéry recently released the impressive ‘Paténipat’, taken from her forthcoming EP Zandoli, which features production from Soulwax and will be coming out on February 8th. Today she has shared a second track from the collection, which is called ‘High Lights’ and is just as much of an unexpected dancefloor magnet as her previous. Speaking on the track, Adigéry says:

“’High Lights’ and the whole world around it was a big source of inspiration for the EP. It was the first song written for the EP and it inspired me to explore my identity as a Caribbean black woman raised in Belgium. It started off as a celebration of the feminine black culture and then resulted in me writing more in Creole and translating my heritage through music.”

Replete with a simplistically irresistible clicking house production, ‘High Lights’ finds Adigéry in a devilishly playful mood – and it’s infectious. She sings about her questionable love of synthetic wigs and the anonymity they give her. Adigéry wiggles through the track like a woman hopped up on sugar-filled snacks, her vocal dancing about the impish beats with a uniquely perfect aplomb. ‘High Lights’ is the kind of song that you can put on repeat and not get sick of, it’s just so full of happiness, character and ingenuity. Get your fill of ‘High Lights’ below.

Charlotte Adigéry’s new EP Zandoli is out on February 8th through Soulwax’s DEEWEE label. Live dates are coming soon.

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