Call for Papers: VII International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean


The Center for Caribbean Studies [Centro de Estudios del Caribe] at Casa de las Américas announces its forthcoming VII International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean. The colloquium, organized around the concepts “Revolution and Rebel,” will take place from May 20 to 24, 2019. The deadline for all types of proposals is March 1, 2019.

Description: Casa de las Américas, through its Center for Caribbean Studies, calls for submissions to the VII International Colloquium on Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean. We propose as a theme the concepts of Revolution and Rebel to understand them as subject, process and thought in their historical, social, cultural, and epistemic dimension.

In a continental context, where values and reactionary positions are re-emerging with extremist tonalities, the cultural diversity that defines us demands greater levels of exchange, alliance, resistance and common action among the actors of the region. By remembering cultural and historical milestones that are transcendent for Our America, we feel the urge to rethink the critical potential of revolutions of all kinds in our scenario and our horizon, as part of an emancipatory tradition, crossed by the notions of race and gender.

The Colloquium will be structured based on papers presentations and panels, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and other activities, linked to the following thematic lines:

  • Social revolutions in the Caribbean: regional and global transcendence.
  • The Caribbean intelligentsia and its relationship with the independence of the Caribbean.
  • Rebellion of thought: between the discipline and the academic indiscipline.
  • Feminism, women’s movements and gender studies in the Caribbean.
  • Ethical and aesthetic commitment of art to the processes of resistance and social change.
  • Rebel bet for identity: artists, groups and movements.
  • Role and centrality of popular culture in the Caribbean rebellion.
  • Body and rebel memories: territories in disputes.

Those interested in participating may send their proposals in Spanish, English, or French. The deadline for all modalities of presentation is March 1, 2019 and should be sent to,  following these guidelines:


  • CV (100 words).
  • Abstract of the proposal [200 words, specifying thematic line (s)].


  • Title of the panel and thematic line (s)
  • Name and CV words) of the members (up to four speakers)
  • Summary of each of the presentations (200 words each)


  • CV (100 words)

All the modalities will receive a certificate of accreditation.

For Cuban participants, the admission fee will consist of 50.00 MN for professionals and 25.00 MN for students. For foreign participants the admission fee will consist of 50.00 CUC (1 CUC = 1.20 USD) for professionals, and 25.00 CUC for students. The admission fee must be paid in person and in cash at the time of official accreditation in the Colloquium.

To facilitate your travel and stay in Cuba, we suggest contacting your travel agency or our institution.

Camila Valdés León Director (Center for Caribbean Studies, Casa de las Américas, 3rd Street and Avenue G. Vedado, Havana, Cuba), and

[Wifredo Lam, “La jungla,” 1943. From]

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