Mirta Yáñez Wins Cuba’s 2018 National Prize for Literature


Our warmest congratulations to Mirta Yáñez, who recently won Cuba’s 2018 National Prize for Literature. As EFE announced today, Cuban philologist, professor, and writer Mirta Yáñez was awarded the 2018 National Literature Prize for her outstanding academic and intellectual trajectory. With a PhD in philology, Yáñez is a specialist in Latin American and Cuban literature, as well as Cuban women’s literary discourse. See On Cuba News for the original article.

Mirta Yáñez (Havana, 1947), considered one of the most important intellectuals of her generation, is a poet, essayist, narrator, author of children’s books, researcher and journalist, member of the Cuban Academy of Language, and author of numerous books.

With a PhD in Philology in 1992, Yáñez is a specialist in Latin American and Cuban literature, as well as in studies about Cuban women’s literary discourse. She is also considered a feminist activist through her essays or anthologies such as Estatuas de sal [Statues of Salt (1996)]. Throughout her career, she has tried to give visibility to the cultural production of women and has overcome the various instances of the gender discrimination in the literary arena.

Her research on Cuban women’s literature has focused mainly on narrative and her works, in collaboration with the writer Nancy Alonso, have contributed to disseminate the work of almost forgotten or little known authors in the literary landscape of the island.

Among her titles are: poetry collection Las visitas; the short story collection Todos los negros tomamos café [We blacks all drink coffee]; the children’s novel Serafín y su aventura con los caballitos [Serafín and his adventure with the ponies]; the essay El mundo literario hispánico [The Hispanic Literary World]; and the compilation Relatos de sal [Stories of Salt], in which she gathers stories by various Cuban authors, from the colonial era to the 1990s.

Yáñez is a scholar of nineteenth-century Latin American literature and professor at the University of Havana, where she has been a leading researcher at the Department of Hispanic Literatures.

[Translated by Ivette Romero. For the original article (in Spanish), see https://oncubanews.com/cultura/literatura/mirta-yanez-premio-nacional-de-literatura-2018-en-cuba/

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