What’s on Our Nightstands: “Narradoras del Caribe hispano”


Narradoras del Caribe hispano (Publicaciones Gaviota, 2018) by Carmen Centeno Añeses is a very useful collection of essays on contemporary women writers from the Hispanophone Caribbean: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

In her introduction, the author offers a brief trajectory of twentieth century Latin American writers and the various “schools” they represent. She emphasizes the women writers from Latin America who started destabilizing androcentric narrative models, to then introduce writers specifically from the Caribbean—such as Puerto Rican writers Rosario Ferré, Olga Nolla, Nemir Mattos Cintrón, Liliana Ramos Collado, and Ana Lydia Vega; Cuban writers Aida Bahr, Mylene Fernández Pintado, Reina María Rodríguez, Laidi Fernández, Lourdes González, and Ena Lucía Portela; and Dominican writers Ángela Hernández, Carmen Imbert Brugal, and Ligia Minaya.

Not meant to be an exhaustive collection gathering all the trends represented by Caribbean women writers in the last three decades, Centeno Añeses focuses on a selection of writers whom she considers to have introduced innovative explorations and perspectives on various levels: thematic, socio-historic, political, and/or stylistic. Her essays examine the work of Magali García Ramis, Marta Aponte Alsina, Mayra Montero, Anna Lidia Vega Serova, Ana María Fuster Lavin, Lourdes de Armas, Mayra Santos Febres, Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro, and Rita Indiana Hernández, ranging from topics such as memory, negritude, and gothic imagery to cyberculture, ecology, sexuality, and transsexuality.

Carmen Centeno Añeses is professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Puerto Rico-Bayamón. Her other books include Modernidad y resistencia: literatura obrera puertorriqueña (1898-1910); Lengua, identidad nacional y posmodernidad; Desde el margen y el Caribe; Polifonía caribeña, and a critical edition of Estercolero, by José Elías Levis Bertrand.

For purchasing information, see https://www.amazon.co.uk/Narradoras-Caribe-hispano-Carmen-Centeno/dp/198688239X

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