New Issue: emisférica (14.1)


A new issue of emisférica is out. Organized around the theme of “Expulsion,” Volume 14, Issue 1, examines the technologies of citizenship and non-citizenship. Macarena Gómez Barris and Marcial Godoy-Anativia are the editors of this issue. It includes articles, dossiers, multimedia texts, and book reviews. Some of the pieces center on Caribbean issues, such as “Between Rights and Rightlessness: Haitian Migrants and the Elusive Promises of Humanitarianism” by Naomi Paik, “The Emptying Island: Puerto Rican Expulsion in Post-Maria Time” by France Negrón-Muntaner, and Ni de aquí ni de allá: Denationalization and Mass Deportation between the United States and the Dominican Republic by the we all dominican collective.

Description (by the editors): This issue examines the technologies of citizenship and non-citizenship through which the state and capital create and extract value from expellable populations. We envision the issue as convergent space in which to theorize the histories and expanded geographies of expulsion in the Americas, and as an opportunity to connect social processes and struggles at a time when trans-coalitional movements and resistance are more urgent than ever.

See the issue at

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