The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture’s 17th National Art Exhibition


The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) recently announced the opening of the 17th National Art Exhibition 2018 [Muestra Nacional de Artes (MNA)], dedicated to artist Dhara Rivera, to be held next Saturday, December 15, starting at 2:00pm at the Arsenal de la Marina Española [Spanish Navy Armory] in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The show will be on view until March 2019, and will include related lectures, guided tours, and workshops. The two guest curators for the exhibition were Linda Sánchez Pintor and Rubén Moreira Vidal. [The artwork featured above is by Ana Rosa Rivera.] El Nuevo Día reports:

The biennial, dedicated for the first time to the discipline of sculpture, has 102 local and Puerto Rican diaspora artists who will exhibit in the three rooms of the Arsenal de la Marina Española, the chapel, and its open spaces.

[. . .] The opening coincides with the end of the Week of Painters and Visual Artists. According to information provided, artist Dhara Rivera will be recognized her contributions to art education and the dissemination of the arts at the university and through workshops, and for her presence and contribution as a woman artist and master in Puerto Rican art.

“We celebrate art doubly, as we inaugurate the National Exhibition of the Arts and we congratulate all the artists, cultural ambassadors, in the Week of Painters and Artists, for their great contribution to the country. We invite the public to join us at this show, which leads us to reflect on the development of sculpture, as well as the innovation and trends manifested in expressions of Puerto Rican art,” said executive director of ICP, Carlos R. Ruiz Cortés.

Meanwhile, the director of the Program of Publications and Recordings, and interim director of the Fine Arts Program of the ICP, María del Mar Caragol Rievera said that this edition marks a “pivotal chapter in the history of the Fine Arts Program of the ICP.” She added, “We celebrate the first exhibition devoted to sculpture, the first educational program dedicated to the blind, we’ve restored the acquisition prize for the National Collection, we celebrate the visual artists of the country, and we dedicate the National Art Exhibition to a master sculptor. Through this collective, we rethink the traditional limits of what we know and qualify as sculpture, generating new academic debates and strengthening this sector.” [. . .]

The National Art Exhibition has been celebrated since 1977 and is one of the exhibitions of greater cultural wealth in our country. The show presents an excellent opportunity to see the latest production of local artists and our Puerto Rican diaspora. [. . .]

For more information, you can contact the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture Visual Arts Program at 787-724-5932 or write to or

[Translated by Ivette Romero. See the original article (in Spanish) at]


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