New Book: “Plastered in Pretty”


House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP) launched a new book—Plastered in Pretty, by Vincentian author N.C. Marks—last Wednesday, December 5, at the Botanical Gardens in St. Vincent.

Here are excerpts from a press release by House of Nehesi: [. . .] Plastered in Pretty is “Naked truth. It is very contemporary,” said journalist Dexter Rose, a guest speaker at the book launch of about 100 guests.

There was also an “outburst of applause” from the author and the audience when it was disclosed that the dystopian Caribbean tale was selected as a new “SPD Recommends” book in the USA, said Lasana Sekou, HNP’s projects director ( The Small Press Distribution (SPD) selects the competitive “recommends” list of new titles monthly. Based in California, SPD is a leading USA distributor of books by indie presses such as HNP, which is based in St. Martin.

Plastered in Pretty, with its Alice in Wonderland syndrome, is set in a Caribbean paradise. It is “A must read glimpse of the obsession” with being ‘liked’ and ‘pretty,’ in the digital age, said Oral Gibbes, producer/host of the long-running TV talk show Speaking of Everything. Cindy Peters, from Clark Atlanta University’s Department of Political Science, puts it like this: “Personal tragedy, body shaming, love triangles, sexual harassment intersect with challenges young adults face from materialism, globalization and unkind political systems. A cleverly written short novel.”

Plastered in Pretty by N.C. Marks is available at (; Gaymes Book Centre, St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Van Dorp, St. Martin; The Best of Books, Antigua; and Amazon. N.C. Marks is a University of London alumna and teaches geography at St. Vincent Girls’ High School.

Description (SPD Books): Plastered in Pretty is a dystopian tale. N.C. Marks activates, deactivates at will the Alice in Wonderland syndrome in a Caribbean paradise. Facebook and Instagram are virtual religious icons. A pyromaniac burns a new-born in the late night, office-bound civil servants chat only via WhatsApp, friends with benefits, “Persons with Pedigree,” flamboyant vagrants, a car accident victim in distress over her $1,000-hairpiece, a rapist landlord, a government minister’s “mysterious snake,” a church first lady protects her psychopathic son with hush money, and the willful but fragile protagonist is not yet among this list of characters! Vivid, with a disturbing accuracy of social media posts, and often funny.

For more information on the book, see

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