A report from Caribbean Life.

British Home Office figures for now are showing that around 170 Jamaicans were either incorrectly deported or detained by immigration officials as common criminals despite working for decades, earning pensions and qualifying for health care are other forms of state assistance. Britain now wants Jamaican officials to help look for some of them. Local media have reported that some are too ashamed to surface as many had been given the deportee treatment by people in communities where they live.

The situation is heart rending says Senior Minister Johnson-Smith as Jamaican officials search for survivors on the island. “We have received reports that they are dead. We have to find the families,” she said, reporting that ministry staff undertakes daily visits to communities in search of those deported incorrectly by London.

“There are no mobile numbers on the national registry. You might end up in a community, asking if people know the people who live beside them. It can be quite painstaking,” the UK Guardian quoted her as saying. “Our team is on it every day.”

The UK Guardian which first broke the story and has been following its every detail, reported this week more than 160 people have either been incorrectly deported or detained by immigration officials. At least 13 are suspected to have died in the Caribbean.

Shadow opposition Legislator Diane Abbott deemed the situation a “complete disgrace and blamed the hostile environment pushed by Prime Minister Theresa May during her time as immigration minister.

“Deaths of deported British citizens and deportations for convictions that never existed all point to the real evils of the hostile environment. These piecemeal updates show that the government is simply not taking this seriously enough. We still do not know the true scale of this scandal, like how many people were deported and imprisoned. The government refuses to implement a hardship fund, even though it’s clear the compensation scheme will not be available for many months. The Windrush generation must have justice and the hostile environment must end,” the Guardian quoted her as saying.

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