NYADIFF 2018 Screening: « Le Rêve français »


The New York African Diaspora Film Festival (NYADIFF) 2018 Gala will screen Le Rêve français [They Had a Dream], directed by Christian Faure, on Sunday, November 25, 2018: Red Carpet at 3:00pm and screening at 4:00pm. This will be the U.S.  Premiere. After the screening, there will be a Q&A with Firmine Richard and a VIP reception. Guadeloupean actor and activist Firmine Richard is known for her roles in 8 Women (2002), Hunting and Gathering (2007), La kiné (1998) and Romuald et Juliette (1988).

Description (by NYADIFF): They Had a Dream tells a story based on reality. It is both a social and a fictional saga, exploring the interconnected lives of two Guadeloupean families to reveal hidden and obscure aspects of French society. In the Sixties, the idea of a ‘dream France’ appealed to many French West Indians and Reunion Islanders.

The BUMIDOM (Bureau for the Development of Migration in Overseas Districts) encouraged them to leave their native lands to escape the poverty caused by the closure of sugar mills, among other factors. Although they were overseas citizens of France, these people (some of whom were the victims of a compulsory emigration policy, while others had spontaneously decided to move to Metropolitan France) found that life there was very different from the one they had imagined…

Description (by Allociné): From 1963 to the present, families from the Overseas Departments experienced mixed and singular destinies between their homeland and the metropolis. The Bumidom (Office of Overseas Migration) triggered many departures from the French Antilles of people between 18 and 35 years of age after the Debré Act [Loi Debré], which offered them a better life, an “El Dorado” following the crisis and unemployment due to the closure of the sugar industries. Samuel and Doris, from Guadeloupe, and Charley, from Reunion, are among those who crossed the threshold of their “French Dream” making our France the one it is today, a France marked by this cultural wealth, the imaginary of the “tout-Monde.”

[Second description translated from the French by Ivette Romero. For original description, see http://www.allocine.fr/series/ficheserie_gen_cserie=23300.html.]

For more information, see https://nyadiff.org/ny-2018/ and https://nyadiff.org/ny-2018/movies/they-had-a-dream/

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