Blondie in Havana


Rolling Stone’s Ryan Reed reports that singer Blondie “will host an eclectic ‘cultural exchange’” during Blondie in Havana, a four-day event scheduled for March 14-18, 2019. The event will include concerts and cultural tours.

Blondie will host an eclectic “cultural exchange” during “Blondie in Havana,” a four-day event set for March 14th through 18th, 2019. Tickets will include two career-spanning sets from the New Wave band, along with museum visits, photography and architecture tours, meals, five-star hotel accommodations, meet-and-greet and photo opportunities and performances from Cuban artists and musicians.

The sextet will perform two unique sets at Havana’s Teatro Mella venue, recruiting Cuban musicians and bands like Alain Perez, David Torrens and Afro-Cuban progressive rock act Sintesis. Prominent local visual artists will also offer exclusive visits to their private studios and galleries.

The group enthused about the affair in a statement. “We’ve never been to Cuba, though we’ve always hoped to get there some day,” said guitarist Chris Stein. “We’ve been talking about it for ages, and now it’s finally happening. Havana is such an incredible scene, such an incredible city. I’ve always been fascinated by their music and their wildly creative culture. It’s going to be an amazing trip, and we’re all really looking forward to it.”

Drummer Clem Burke added that “Blondie has always had a love for music from that part of the world.” He continued, “All the way back to ‘Rapture’ and ‘The Tide Is High,’ we’ve always experimented with Caribbean sounds and polyrhythm. So as soon as going to Cuba became a possibility, we started putting something together. I think there will be a really special energy. To be with some of our closest friends and fans in a whole different environment, a whole new plane. We’re really looking forward to it.” [. . .]

[Photo of Blondie by Adela Loconte/REX/Shutterstock for House of Vans Brooklyn. Accessed via]

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