29th Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe et du Tout-Monde


The Institut du Tout-Monde presents the 29th edition of the Carbet Prize [Prix Carbet] in Guadeloupe. The main theme this year is « Une traversée du Monde, solitaire et solidaire » [A crossing of the world, solitary and in solidarity.] Hosted by writer Simone Schwartz-Bart, the award ceremony will take place on Friday, November 16, 2018, at La Souvenance, in Guadeloupe.

There will be many related events, including literary evenings such as “Poetics of Resistance” with writers Guadeloupe, around the theme of ocean crossings. There will also be a soirée open to a large audience, with the participation of personalities who participated in the Route du Rhum. These evening events are hosted by writer Simone Schwartz-Bart at La Souvenance.

There will also be a screening of Manthia Diwara’s film, La traversée de l’Atlantique [The Crossing of the Atlantic] about Édouard Glissant.

Various venues will feature installations by visual artists (around the same themes).

Two meetings will take place to gather high school students, college students and writers of the Prix Carbet in conversations around the theme “The Sea in Literature and Poetry.”

The activities will also include cinema workshops with the film team of the Institut du Tout-Monde in partnership with young Guadeloupeans.

The members of the jury this year are Ernest Pépin (Guadeloupe, Président), Nancy Morejón (Cuba), Lise Gauvin (Québec), J. Michael Dash (Trinidad), Miguel Duplan (Guyana/Martinique), Samia Kassab-Charfi (Tunisia), Romuald Fonkoua (France), Evelyne Trouillot (Haïti), Dominique Aurélia (Martinique), Christian Séranot (Martinique/Guyana), and Simone Schwarz-Bart (Guadeloupe)

Honorary members are Patrick Chamoiseau (Martinique), Rodolphe Alexandre (Guyana), and Diva Barbara Damato (Brazil).

The director of the Institut du Tout-Monde is Sylvie Glissant.

[Translated by Ivette Romero. For original text, see http://www.tout-monde.com/prixcarbet2018.html.]

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