Bermudian Actor Julia Frith


Owain Johnston-Barnes (The Royal Gazette) features Bermudian actor Julia Frith, saying that “she has been robbing banks across the UK — and loving it.” He is referring to the UK show The Comedy About A Bank Robbery.  He writes:

Ms Frith, 23, is on a British and Irish tour of the hit show The Comedy About A Bank Robbery. She said: “The amount of times I’ve heard people remark that they haven’t laughed like that in years — if ever — has really shown me how important it is to create shows that give people a chance to express their pure unfettered delight. “I can’t get over the fact that it’s my job to make people cry with laughter.”

Ms Frith added: “Another highlight is that being on tour means I’m getting paid to travel all over the UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. “I get to explore the towns, castles, forests, and perform in some of the most beautiful theatres, not to mention getting to know the people along the way.”

Ms Frith said the play was about a bank robbery complicated by love triangles, mistaken identities and hidden agendas. She said: “I play Caprice Freeboys, con artist extraordinaire and leading lady of the show. “She is constantly trying to fix the messes her fellow robbers are creating, using her wit, charisma, aerial singing charm and surprising charades skills.”

The show, already a hit in London’s West End, was created by the Mischief Theatre Company. Ms Frith said she had not seen the show before she won her part, but was aware of the company’s previous productions, including the international success The Play That Goes Wrong. She said: “I dreamt of one day working in their shows. It was one of those ‘Gosh, maybe one day after I graduate I’ll be working with Mischief’ kind of dreams. [. . .]

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