Miami Book Fair LogoA post by Peter Jordens.

The 35th Miami Book Fair, which takes place November 11-18, 2018 at Miami Dade College in downtown Miami, Florida, will once again feature a significant number of Caribbean authors and events. The ReadCaribbean program in particular, introduced in 2016, headlines readings, panel discussions, storytelling for children, music and more from the English, French/Creole and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

Here is a selection of Caribbean-relevant events at the 35th Miami Book Fair, sourced from its website and Guide

Monday, November 12

6:00 pm – A Night of Caribbean Short Films and Music, presented by Third Horizon.

7:00 pm – Grandes figuras del béisbol Cubano, with Omar Claro and Gilberto Dihígo.

8:00 pm – Presentación de la novela Contracastro de Rafael Alcides, with Marlene Moleón, Regina Coyula and Ramón Fernández Larrea.

Tuesday, November 13

7:00 pm – Al rescate de la memoria literaria, with Osmán Avilés (Cuba), Madeline Cámara (Cuba) and Julio Quirós (Puerto Rico).

Wednesday, November 14

7:00 pm – Homenaje a José Lorenzo Fuentes (Cuba), with Gloria Lorenzo, Luis Agüero, Carlos Velazco and Luis de la Paz.

7:30 pm – Montañé (experimental sound project), with Rafael Vargas Bernard (Puerto Rico).

8:00 pm – Imprescindibles de la dramaturgia cubana, with Iván Acosta, Antón Arrufat, Nilo Cruz, Matías Montes Huidobro and Mirta Ojito.

Thursday, November 15

7:00 pm – Ficciones necesarias (Cuba), with Lleny Díaz, María Elena Hernández Caballero and Rosie Inguanzo.

8:00 pm – Presentación de La noche no será eterna de Oswaldo Payá (Cuba), with Rosa María Payá and Ladislao Aguado.

Friday, November 16

7:00 pm – Boris Izaguirre presenta su nueva novela (Venezuela).

Saturday, November 17

11:30 am – After Irma, After Maria, Caribbean Women Writing the Storms, with Edwidge Danticat (Haiti/USA), Loretta Collins Klobah (Puerto Rico), Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón (Puerto Rico) and Tiphanie Yanique (Virgin Islands).

1:00 pm – Justice Sonia Sotomayor Shares Her Life with Young Readers (Puerto Rico/USA).

1:00 pm – El aliento de la poesía, with Félix Anesio (Cuba), Francisco Larios (Nicaragua), Jesús Barquet (Cuba/Mexico) and Waldo Pérez Cino (Cuba/Belgium).

1:30 pm – Unknown Histories of the Caribbean, with Natalie Hopkinson (Guyana), Patrick Bellegarde-Smith (Haiti), Michael Barnett (Jamaica), Judy Raymond (Trinidad and Tobago) and Donna Aza Weir-Soley (Jamaica/USA).

2:30 pm – La historia: Un material narrativo de excepción, with René Rodríguez Soriano (Dominican Republic) and Elvira de las Casas (Cuba).

3:30 pm – Murder and Mayhem in the Caribbean, with Kevin Jared Hosein (Trinidad and Tobago), Nicholas Laughlin (Trinidad and Tobago) and Hector Duarte Jr (Cuba).

3:30 pm – Literary Stewardship as Political Stewardship, with Edwidge Danticat (Haiti/USA).

5:30 pm – Reading Jamaica, with Marcia Douglas, Alecia McKenzie, Alexia Arthurs and Geoffrey Philp.

6:00 pm – Tarde de letras Dominicanas: El Dr. Leonel Fernández presenta su nuevo libro.

Sunday, November 18

11:00 am – Breaking Barriers: Baseball, with Felipe Alou (Dominican Republic).

11:30 am – Haitian Identities and Caribbean Aesthetics, with Marilène Phipps, Katia D. Ulysse, Fabienne Josaphat and Edwidge Danticat.

11:45 am – Tras las huellas literarias de la generación del Mariel (Cuba), with José Abreu Felippe, Luís de la Paz and Enrique del Risco.

12:00 pm – Poetas de hoy, with Lucía Ballester (Cuba), Lourdes Vázquez (Puerto Rico) and Marta Leonor González (Nicaragua).

12:30 pm – Rebuilding Puerto Rico, with José Andrés.

1:00 pm – The Portable Island: Nonfiction on Cuba, with Iván Acosta, Ramiro Fernández and José Manuel García.

1:30 pm – Compelling Stories from the French Caribbean, with Gerty Dambury (Guadeloupe), Mehdi Chalmers (Haiti), Monique Clesca (Haiti) and Serge Bilé (Martinique).

1:30 pm – ReadCaribbean Presents Three Groundbreaking Poets, with Ruth Behar (Cuba/USA), Loretta Collins Klobah (Puerto Rico) and Rajiv Mohabir (Guyana).

3:00 pm – On Cuba, with US Ambassador Vicki Huddleston.

3:30 pm – The Realities of Haitian Migration, with Pauris Jean-Baptiste, Pierre Buteau, Inéma Jeudi, Claude Charles and Marleine Bastien.

5:30 pm – #MeToo Movement in the Caribbean Communities (Haiti/USA), with Judite Blanc, Monique Clesca, Marlene Chouloute-Hyppolite, Georges Bossous and Anaïse Chavenet.

6:00 pm – Encuentro con Carlos Alberto Montaner (Cuba).


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