Film: Sharelly Emanuelson’s “Yamada” and “Welterusten Papa”


Sharelly Emanuelson’s Yamada [Calling] and Welterusten Papa [Goodnight, Papa] are being screened this during Black Achievement Month 2018 in Amsterdam. Both films were shown this evening (October 21) in the Rialto, Amsterdam. Yamada will be screened on October 23 at the Hoogt, in Utrecht; and on October 28, at Filmhuis Den Haag, in The Hague.

Yamada: In 1977, an unexpected musical marriage occurred between a local youth rock band and a church choir. 40 years later, this band (Grupo Serenada) is still dedicated to preserve traditional Papiamentu songs. This documentary reveals the personal and collective motives for committing to this cultural preservation.


Welterusten Papa: Different father-daughter stories are portrayed where we experience the dynamics, influences within the relationship, and the love they have for each other. The film shows us an alternative narrative about the presence of fathers in the lives of their daughters. As a result, stereotypes about masculinity and fatherhood are challenged.

Sharelly Emanuelson (1986) is a Caribbean based director/filmmaker. Emanuelson’s focus is to document and represent some of the many perspectives and experiences of the Caribbean (and Diaspora). She is also the founder of Uniarte, a non-profit, artists-led organization on Curaçao and The Netherlands that works to contribute to a fertile and sustainable environment for art to flourish in a contemporary Caribbean context. |

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