Art Exhibitions: “3 Concrete” & “Across Time, Cuban abstractions”


“3 Concrete” and “Across Time, Cuban abstractions” are on view at the Kendall Art Center (located at 12063 SW 131st Avenue, Miami, Florida). [For more information, see MSA Xperimental.]

“Across Time: Cuban abstractions” explores abstract painting and sculpture, through works from The Rodríguez collection and special loans. Curated by Henry Ballate, with critical analysis presented by Janet Batet, the exhibition puts into conversation works by Cuban artists Pedro Ávila, Pedro de Oraá, and José Villa.

“3Concrete” (excerpt from essay by Odette Artiles): “The majority of what is named in art history as those key moments of ingenuity and originality, usually began as instances where such detachment from the academia was condemned and took, in many cases, a lifetime to become acknowledged. 3Concrete, a momentous new exhibition at the Kendall Art Center, is one such example. 3Concrete begets an almost-forgotten moment of Cuban art history, showcasing the work of Los Diez Pintores Concretos (The 10 concrete painters), a group that established the style of ‘Concretism’ or ‘Concrete’ art in 1950s Cuba and fashioned a whole new, unique language of abstraction. The three exhibited artists, Sandú Darié, Loló Soldevilla and Pedro de Oraá, constituted the original founding members of Los Diez.”

For full article by Odette Artiles, see

For full article by Janet Batet, see

[Photo above: “Tornado” by José Villa.]

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