8th Annual Cinema Paradise: Portie Film Festival


The 8th Annual Cinema Paradise: Portie Film Festival will take place from November 1 to 4, 2018, at Port Antonio, Jamaica. Opening night features, November 1, from 6:30pm to 11:00pm, there will be a VIP launch event at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, with a screening of the Jamaican cult classic Countryman. This event includes a panel discussion moderated by journalist and critic Annie Paul and hosted by Cinema Paradise founder Dr. Paul Rhodes and Jamaica’s Film Commissioner Renee Robinson. Here are excerpts from the press release:

The 8th hosting of Cinema Paradise: Portie Film Festival is presented by Great Huts Resort and its venue partners this November 1st- 4th. It promises to bring together the glamour of Hollywood with Jamaica’s unique ‘Afro-Centric’ cultural twist. This year’s festival programme is a combination of new & exciting Jamaican and international films with retrospective tribute screenings and a celebratory programme.

The new includes the critically acclaimed documentary feature ‘Knights to Kings’ (2018), the blockbuster ‘Black Panther’ (2018) and a selection of the best Jamaican Shorts. The retrospective tributes launch Cinema Paradise’s Festival with the screening of the cult classic ‘Countryman’ (1982) with his soundtrack homage to the legendary Bob Marley, the 30 year anniversary screening of the release of ‘Cocktail’ (1988) with special appearances, and a screening with introspective discussion of ‘Club Paradise’ (1986) along with special tributes to the late Robin Williams and the late Peter O’Toole.

Thursday November 1st (6:30pm -11pm) The VIP launch event will be held at the panoramic Roof Top of the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel after cocktails at ‘Talk of the Town’ www.jamaicapegasus.com  in  Kingston, the nation’s capital and the Caribbean’s cultural hub. There will be a screening of the late Dickie Jobson’s Jamaican cult classic ‘Countryman’ with a panel discussion moderated by journalist and critic Annie Paul and hosted by Cinema Paradise founder Dr Paul Rhodes and Jamaica’s Film Commissioner Renee Robinson. Engaging discussions, musical performances and special appearances will ensure an exciting launch for this glamorous evening with the ‘Who’s Who’ of Jamaica’s film industry.

Friday, November 2nd: (7pm to 11pm) The beautifully eclectic African Kanopi House resort www.kanopihouse.com will screen the documentary feature ‘Knights To Kings’ which tells the true story of the transformation of eight black youths from one of America’s poorest counties when taken on a chess tournament in Ethiopia. Hosted by director Crystal Furlonge, her crew and other filmmakers will be served with a delightful culinary offering of a special Ethiopian dinner. This promises to be a unique experience.

Saturday, November 3rd: Alligator Head Foundation noon to 3:30 pm: www.alligatorheadfoundation.org Jamaica’s most innovative marine conservation organisation protecting the East Portland Fish Sanctuary and the Blue Lagoon, will screen ‘Club Paradise’ (1986) which starred Robin Williams, Peter O’Toole, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy, Twiggy and Jimmy Cliff. This is the ‘Portie Film Festival’s’ tribute to the work of both the late Williams and O’Toole and to the film’s credentials of highlighting Portland’s stunning lush tropical locations. The highlight will be a discussion with cast and crew members peppered with anecdotes and stories of behind-the-scenes humour.

4:30- 6:30pm: The Craft Market in Port Antonio will be host to a free screening of this year’s international blockbuster ‘Black Panther’ (2018) ‘spreading the love’ for the locals of Port Antonio and for those at the festival who have not yet seen this now classic movie. The story tells of five African tribes warring over the meteorite vibranium, when one warrior who ingests the heart-shaped mineral then gains supernatural powers and unites all but the Jabari tribe to form the mystical nation of Wakanda.

8pm to Midnight: Great Huts Resort, the hosts and festival organisers www.greathuts.com will show atop their Mandela Deck of Africana House, Boston Bay Portland, the Premiere Screening of the JAFTA (Jamaica Film & Television Association) Propella Shorts presented by Renee Robinson, Jamaica’s Film Commissioner (JAMPRO) with a sumptuous buffet meal on offer by the Great Huts team and live ‘Dub’ entertainment. The Featured Shorts will screen some of the best and newest Jamaican films such as Agwe by Ina Sortiva, Flight by Kia Williams, Going Down by Mezan Ayoka and Safe Harbour by Kaiel Eytle. There is heightened anticipation and the opportunity to mingle with the new talent and themes now coming on stream.

Sunday, November 4th:(1pm -6;30pm)- The Grand Finale Sunday Matinee screening of ‘Cocktail’(1988) in the beautifully laid out grounds and setting of Goblin Hill Villa resort www.goblinhillvillas.com in San San, is set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of this popular film with special appearances slated. A three course buffet will be provided by the Blue Mountain eatery EITS (Europe In The Summer) known for its delicious fusion of European and Jamaican cuisine in a farm to table style.

‘Cocktail’ starring Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Shue, Kelly Lynch and Bryan Brown apart from creating a worldwide craze for bar juggling! is being celebrated by the ‘Portie Film Festival’ for the 30th year anniversary of its release; and how it celebrated and framed Jamaica and especially the parish of Portland at its glorious and beautiful best by exposing Dragon Bay, the Blue Lagoon, Reach Falls and Long Bay amongst others to the international tourism radar.

Cinema Paradise was conceived by Great Hut’s owner Dr. Paul S. Rhodes in 2000 to showcase ‘Afro-centric’ Jamaican and International films to audiences far and near in a backdrop setting of paradise. The purpose of this festival, aside from the obvious entertainment value, is for the guests to be educated, informed and to interact with important artists and filmmakers of the industry. Over the years, the passions and insights of the writers, directors, producers and others have all contributed to their unique social, political and human perspectives and provided a meaningful narrative and dialogue with the audiences. As the bond between the audience and filmmakers grew, so has Cinema Paradise as a festival. [. . .]

For more information, see https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/great-huts-presents-the-8th-annual-cinema-paradise-portie-film-festival-300732159.html

Also see the festival site at http://portiefilmfest.com/

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