SXV Visual Histories


sx visualities (sxv) is a Small Axe Project platform devoted to visual practice and its place in Caribbean cultural, social and political life.

Description: The SXV Visual Histories project provides a space for engaging with Caribbean art and images for their relationship and value to, or as, histories. The artworks presented [through SXV Visual Histories] are not only contributions to Caribbean visual culture, but are also significant to imagining or re-imagining the past in the present. The aim is to identify and engage in a dialogue about such visual artworks in relation to the historical and memory traces they embody.

sx visualities is a venue for visual practice. It aims to host individual and collaborative projects annually, presenting visual culture across a range of genres and forms: from photography to the moving image, from performance to architecture, from soundscapes to painting and sculpture. Encapsulating this living terrain of creativity, we consider the visual language as part of a wider practice of world-making.

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