Film: “Breaking the Cycle”


Breaking the Cycle, a documentary by Miquel Galofré (Spanish-born director based in Trinidad and Tobago) has been screening internationally at film festivals including the 12th Vox Feminae Festival (Croatia), the 5th Festival Monde en Vues (Guadaloupe), and the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival (Canada). Below the synopsis, see a recent article from Loop [this and other links below, courtesy of Peter Jordens].

Synopsis: Moving from victim to survivor, Camika, a mother of seven, shares her personal story of how she got the voice and strength to stop the cycle of domestic abuse in her home. Abandoned by her father and hurt by men, now she works hard to help other victims of domestic abuse while she still struggles trying to repair the impact of the years of abuse in front of her children. [See trailer at]

Loop reports:

Local documentary ‘Breaking the Cycle’ broke barriers after it was screened at the Croatia Film Festival on October 6, 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia.  Domestic abuse survivor Camika McLetchie, the lead protagonist in the documentary, left for Zagreb to attend the Vox Feminae Festival (Croatia Film Festival) on Tuesday, October 2. McLetchie was invited to share her life story and speak out against domestic violence at a screening of the documentary.

The documentary centers around Camika, a single mother of 7, who escaped domestic violence. Camika candidly opens-up about her experiences with abandonment, rape and physical and emotional abuse. This survivor story captures Camika in her most vulnerable moments as she reveals the cycle of abuse from childhood to adulthood. After healing from her past, Camika has become a role model in her community and an advocate about domestic violence. She has counselled the victims of domestic violence and empowered them to escape.

Now, she is using Film Festivals as a platform to impact the lives of women facing abuse in other parts of the world. “Breaking the Cycle” premiered in the T&T Film Festival on Monday, September 24th to a sold-out cinema. The response from the audience was overwhelming with happy tears, a resounding applause and a standing ovation. She visited Croatia from October 2 to October 10, promoting the documentary with the hope of ending domestic violence.

The documentary has also been entered in the 5 Festival Monde en Vues in Guadaloupe on October 14 and Marda Loop Justice Film Festival in Canada on November 13. Thanks to the sponsorship of BP Trinidad and Tobago (BPTT) and generous citizens, Camika can now take her message of strength and survival to a wider audience.

The documentary was filmed as part of the “I am CiTizen” campaign, a project of the Citizen Security Programme which is an initiative under the Ministry of National Security, with the objective of reducing crime and violence and creating safer communities.

“Breaking the Cycle” was produced by cmb Communications and directed by Spanish Filmmaker Miquel Galofre. cmb Communications, as the Executive Producer of the documentary were responsible for promoting the overarching CSP “I am CiTizen” campaign; which aims to promote public education and behaviour change with the overall goal of improving responses to crime and the victims.

For original article, see

Summary of the three screenings mentioned above:
– October 6 at the 12th Vox Feminae Festival in Zagreb, Croatia; see and (in Croation, the film’s title is ‘Izlazak iz začaranog kruga’).
– October 14 at the 5th International Human Rights Film Festival “Monde en Vues” in Guadaloupe; see and
– November 13 at the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival in Calgary, Canada; see and

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