Third Horizon Film Fest Explores Caribbean Identity


The Third Horizon Film Festival kicked off in Miami on September 27, and ends on Sunday, September 30. The festival highlights stories by independent filmmakers from across the Caribbean. As Nadege Green (WLRN) reports, the screenings include “documentaries, animation and shorts exploring Jamaican identity, the Haitian revolution, a Guyanese activist’s influence on the Black Panther movement and more.”

Jason Fitzroy Jeffers is the co-founder of the film fest and he talked to WLRN reporter Nadege Green about the three-day festival. [. . .]

WLRN: Every Caribbean country has its own vibe, its own folklore, its own stories … and you’re bringing slices of that in a weekend packed with films. Why did you start this film fest, now in its third year?

JEFFERS:  I produced and co-wrote a short film a few years ago called “Papa Machete” and it went to Sundance, Toronto International, racked up millions of views online, but what we realized is that there were so few outlets for other Caribbean films. And I think that the stories of the Caribbean are so rich and are of particular importance right now, so we decided that we need to create a platform to showcase other creators and storytellers. [. . .]

There’s a short animated film that will be showing called “An Excavation of Us.” It brings us to a cave in Haiti and the narration is by Marie Jeanne, a Haitian woman and soldier who fought in the Haitian Revolution. Tell me more about this film.

This is actually the second film that we’re showing by the Haitian director Shirley Bruno, one of the most exciting voices in Caribbean film right now. This particular film — it’s an experimental animation that really delves into almost subterranean feelings and expressions that would explode out of the justice that was the Haitian Revolution.

From 1791 to 1804  the slave population of Haiti carried out the world’s only successful slave revolution and overthrew their colonial masters from France and defeated Napoleon’s armies. I think it is one of the single most important events in world history. [. . .]

[Photo above: A portrait from Black Mother, directed by Khalik Allah, the opening night film for the Third Horizon Film Festival]

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