Roberta Stoddart’s “The Tear Catcher”


[Many thanks to Annie Paul for bringing this exhibition to our attention.] Jamaican artist Roberta Stoddart’s latest exhibition, “The Tear Catcher,” opens on October 7, 2018, at the Y Gallery (located at 26 Taylor Street, Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad). The exhibition will be on view until October 27, 2018. See an interview of the artist, “Roberta Stoddart talks ‘The Tear Catcher.’”

“I paint what I love and fear. My technical practice and subject matter are inseparably intertwined, grounding and liberating the other in turns. Honouring the tradition of painting, I push the boundaries of what I know, experimenting with subject matter and technique.

I find enthusiasm and peace in the search for meaning. Ongoing inspirations for my work are death and fear, rejection and isolation, unrequited love and loss, disillusionment and grief. I find the world a sad place, even with all of its blessings. The Tear Catcher collects my tears.

The mystery of faith – trusting goodness – is life to the heart. I paint with dark colours to signify the active existence of soul residing beneath my awareness. In the Dark Night, I find that love is my heart’s deepest desire.

Our Stone Age ancestors forged the first black pigments from fire, purifying charcoal from bone. Black endures – soulful, fecund, mystical, ritualistic, symbolic – resurgent and eternal. Black has secret splendor, depth and possibility, traversing between worlds, conjuring up infinity.”

-Roberta Stoddart

For more information, see

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