Meet the Montreal barber who turns a haircut into a Caribbean dance party

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.08.20 PM.png

Barberito in Little Italy gives patrons a chance to experience a ‘very Caribbean’ haircut

Step inside Barberito on a Friday evening and it will sound more like a Caribbean nightclub than a Montreal hair salon.

Inside, blaring dance music from the Dominican Republic competes with a TV playing a sporting event at full volume.

Barbers and patrons shout at the TV in Spanish. On the wall above the barber chairs is a yellow and black jersey for Moca FC, a Dominican pro soccer club.

Joquel Sanchez, a barber at the shop in Little Italy and local hip-hop artist, said, “The whole esthetic​ of it is very Caribbean.”

Jeffrie García Estrella, another barber at Barbarito, came to Canada three years ago from the Dominican, where many of the barbers hail from.

When he cuts hair, he’ll sing to his customers in Spanish, since he speaks neither English nor French — often while dancing to music written by his brothers back in the Dominican.

“The music is in my blood,” he said.

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