HERO Wins Big with Trinidad audiences!


Frances-Anne Solomon’s HERO — Inspired by the Extraordinary Life and Times of Ulric Cross has won the People’s Choice Award at the Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival, following a packed World Premiere at the 1500-seat Lord Kitchener Auditorium at Trinidad’s National Academy for the Performing Arts  (NAPA), and sold out screenings across the country,

“The People have spoken!” said Lisa Wickham, Executive Producer of the film. “Without a doubt, HERO is a big hit with audiences  from all age groups and backgrounds. The general public was blown away by the technical quality and compelling, brilliantly crafted film storytelling.”

“This is the best news we could get.” added Frances-Anne Solomon, the film’s director. “We are grateful to the enthusiastic audiences, who turned out in their hundreds to see the film, proving once and for all that local audiences are hungry to see themselves on screen, and that well-made Caribbean films can be viable in our home countries and by extension, internationally.”

HERO tells the story  of a young man from Belmont Trinidad, who leaves home in 1941 to join the RAF, where he becomes the most decorated West Indian ex-serviceman.  His life takes a different path when he is recruited by fellow Trinidadian George Padmore to go to Africa post independence to work as a lawyer.  It was shot in Trinidad, the UK, Ghana and Canada. The film’s title sponsor is Republic Bank with additional funding provided by the Sports and Culture Fund, The TT Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and The Arts, Telefilm Canada and private donors.

“This is a great beginning to what we know will be a long and successful conversation with audiences around the world.” said Wickham, adding that wide cinema release is planned for Trinidad and the rest of the Caribbean, as well as festival screenings and cinema releases in Canada, Africa, and Europe.  The film will shortly also be widely available to schools.

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