Angel Suarez-Rosado’s “Talisman”


[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Puerto Rican artist Angel Suarez-Rosado’s “Talisman”—an installation—is on view at the Rodale Gallery in the Allentown Art Museum until December 16, 2018. The Allentown Art Museum is located at 31 North Fifth Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania.  

Description: Puerto Rican-born, Easton-based artist Angel Suarez-Rosado [creates] a site-specific installation at the Allentown Art Museum. Suarez-Rosado transforms ordinary objects, imbuing them with power, in a practice related to Espiritismo (Spiritism) and Santería, which combine elements of Yoruba religion with Catholicism. Conceived of as an offering to the community and comprised of paintings, sculptures, found and natural objects, Talisman mixes ritual and artistic traditions. As stated by fellow artist Raquelín Mendieta, “Spirituality and art are one and the same. Works of art are prayers on the altar of life.”

[Image above: Angel Suarez-Rosado (Puerto Rico, 1957); detail from Cosmograms.]


For more information on the museum, see and

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