A Call for Gender Justice: Caribbean Femininity and Masculinity

Heterosexual Couple symbol

In a call for gender justice, the journal Interviewing the Caribbean (IC) will focus on Caribbean Femininity and Masculinity for its Winter 2018 issue.

Description: Interviewing the Caribbean seeks poems, stories, creative non-fiction, and visual art in all media that celebrates Caribbean life. The forthcoming issue is seeking work that offers a portrayal, interpretation, and/or analysis of womanhood and/or manhood as well as other gender-related issues and topics in Caribbean societies. Caribbean artists at home and in the Diaspora are invited to participate.

Topics for Winter 2018: Caribbean Femininity and Masculinity:

Gender Justice Fifty odd years after independence?

How have Caribbean societies evolved?

How have roles changed or remained the same?

What is the general attitude about gender roles—womanhood and manhood?

What gender-justice issues are Caribbean societies grappling with today?

Where and how do LGBTQ Caribbean communities fit into discussions of regional gender justice?

How do these attitudes hamper or accelerate regional development?


Submit work as an MS Word document or images as TIF, 300 dpi (or higher) resolution.
Submit by September 30, 2018 to be included in the Winter 2018 issue. If your work is selected for publication, the editors will email you interview questions by early November. Please include a 5-line bio (maximum) and a photo of the contributor (TIF/300 resolution). All work should be submitted as attachments to interviewingthecaribbean@gmail.com

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