Cuban Medical Brigade in Zimbabwe Is Ready to Stop Cholera Outbreak


Prensa Latina reports from Harare, Zimbabwe, where Cuba has sent medical brigades to cooperate with local authorities to help stop the cholera outbreak that has killed 21 people. About 35 Cuban doctors are deployed in Zimbabwe, and they are prepared to assist in whatever actions the Zimbabwean government deems necessary to stop the disease. The cholera outbreak in the country was announced on September 1 and about 21 people have died so far and some 3,000 are getting infected now.

According to the article—based on a statement from the Cuban Embassy in Harare—the diplomatic mission states that events related to the outbreak of cholera and typhus “have been observed and followed.” The document uses this opportunity “to lament the loss of lives due to the cholera outbreak and reiterate our solidarity with the government and people of Zimbabwe.” Local health authorities have adopted a series of health measures to control the spread of the epidemic.

Post based on Prensa Latina’s article:

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