Calls for Papers (Sargasso): “Transforming Pedagogy” and “Guantánamo: What’s Next?”


Editor Don Walicek has announced two calls for papers for the next two issues of Sargasso—“Transforming Pedagogy: Practice, Policy, and Resistance” (deadline for submissions, September 30, 2018) and “Guantánamo: What’s Next?” (deadline for submissions, October 1, 2018).

The first call is for a volume to be titled “Transforming Pedagogy: Practice, Policy, and Resistance.” Compelled by the urgency of Puerto Rico’s current public education crisis, this volume will showcase examples of successful pedagogical interventions that may serve to model and ignite transformational education reform within the Caribbean region. The initial description of this issue calls broadly on teachers, practitioners, administrators, academics, and researchers to share experiences of success at a range of levels: classroom or school-specific methodologies or approaches, community or regional practices, public policy reform and implementation, and national-level initiatives. How might these examples offer models for other classes, communities or islands? How can the examination of specific educational triumphs offer hope and present new paths forward?

The second call is for an issue to be titled “Guantánamo: What’s Next?” The journal’s editors invite writers, researchers, artists, poets, and others to submit work that ponders “Guantánamo” and the future. The editors hope to receive work that questions assumptions about linear temporality which present the future as a realm over which we have extremely limited control. Of special interest are submissions that put to use the accomplishments, insights, and hard-earned lessons of the past to address concerns about how the U.S. naval base will at Guantánamo Bay will be imagined and used in the future, as well as projects that identify the methodological and epistemological insights emerging from future-focused scholarship and related creative work. This issue of the journal will include academic essays, short fiction, interviews, poetry, and visual art.

Sargasso is a peer-reviewed journal that has been edited at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras for more than 30 years. The journal features work on the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Caribbean and its multiple diasporas.

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[Image above: Artwork by a Guantánamo detainee (Courtesy of Emma Reverter); source:]

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