Art Exhibition—“Carlos Estévez: La vida secreta de las ciudades”


Centro Cultural Español Miami (CCEMiami) presents the exhibition “La vida secreta de las ciudades” [The Secret Life of Cities] by Carlos Estévez from September 6 (7:00pm) to October 18, 2018. Estévez will also lead an artist’s tour on Saturday, September 8 at 1:00pm.

Description (first paragraph is added from the description in Spanish): Cities are agglomerations of people who carry out their social, economic and political activities collectively. Each city has its identity, its history and its culture, making it a universe in itself. The most traditional representation of cities is based on their distinctive places or popular events and celebrations that constitute the archetypes of these territories. This project tries to direct the gaze towards a different focus on the cities.

An experiment with different kinds of handmade paper that Carlos found in local art supply stores. The city as a source of inspiration.

The view consists of six installations of drawings on paper and an installation of objects that were found converted into masks. A result of the daily experiences of the artist –a conversation between the city’s stories and his own personal world.

Art is a learning process for Carlos. It is his way of understanding life. His work is very connected to his own experience. What he think, what he feel, and all his dreams are contained in this exhibition.

The work that he does reflects his inner world, and it must be done with all the complexity that this process requires. That is why it needs to be very detailed. Every single element is important: the background images, colors, textures, lines and the title.

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