PRSA’s 13th Biennial Conference—“Navigating Insecurity: Crisis, Power, and Protest in Puerto Rican Communities”


The Puerto Rican Studies Association (PRSA) welcomes exhibitors and advertisers to its biennial meeting. The 2018 Conference “Navigating Insecurity: Crisis, Power, and Protest in Puerto Rican Communities” will take place on October 26-28 at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

2018 Conference: Navigating Insecurity: Crisis, Power, and Protest in Puerto Rican Communities—While Hurricane Maria and the economic crisis have thrown into sharp relief the forms of insecurity that many Puerto Ricans on the archipelago and in the diaspora live with, we ask how insecurity may be considered a persistent aspect of puertorriqueñidad. Colonial rule, military service, migration, natural disasters, low wages, unemployment and recurrent debt crises have generated immediate and lasting forms of insecurity for Puerto Ricans. This conference invites submissions that discuss how Puerto Ricans have experienced, negotiated, challenged, and/or prevailed over conditions of insecurity both historically and in the contemporary moment. Further, we encourage submissions that not only outline conditions of insecurity but also show how Puerto Ricans have persevered and thrived in these conditions building vibrant communities and forging solidarity with other marginalized groups. We especially want to encourage cultural producers and scholars of art and culture to engage with this year’s theme of navigating insecurity.

For more information on the conference, please visit the 2018 Biennial Conference page

For submissions, please visit the 2018 Biennial Conference Online Submission Form page

Further updates and information about the biennial conference including hotel will be available at the PRSA webpage ( and we encourage all applicants to make sure they are on the PRSA email list available through this same link.

Free Book or Flyers Exhibit: To include a copy of your book at our display table please send a single copy of your Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican, Caribbean and/or Latino Studies themed books for exhibit at our book exhibit tables. Copies will not be returned. Send a single copy of the book and/or multiple copies of ordering forms or flyers (if relevant) to the address below by October 15th.

Aldo Lauria Santiago
Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies
Rutgers University
B200 Lucy Stone Hall,
Piscataway, NJ 08854

For full information on the conference please visit The Heldrich Hotel might still have rooms for your staff and we still have a few modestly priced rooms available at the Rutgers Inn (please notify us If you need further info on this).


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