Art Exhibition: “Unos versos paralelos” (Pseudomero)


“Unos versos paralelos” [A few parallel verses] is an exhibition by Mero (or Joel Romero Martínez, AKA Pseudo Mero or Pseudomero). It will open on September 12, from 7:00 to 10:00pm, at Galería CAI, Universidad Interamericana-Recinto Metro, located at Francisco Sein Street, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description (by Mariel Quiñones Vélez): Primarily, “Unos versos paralelos” summarizes the work of a prolific creator who has exponentially explored the relevance of the line as a formal and expressive language with important roots in Puerto Rican art and a strong presence in contemporary art in general. The clean and diverse line—in sections, of varying widths, patterns, gestures, and precise contours in black—that characterizes the masterpieces of Puerto Rican graphics, has its reminiscences in the graphic verses of Pseudomero. Stemming from graffiti art, mural production, drawing, and painting, the plastic versatility that Pseudomero has developed with his style expresses a close link with a visual tradition inherited from the print masters of the 50s Generation [in Puerto Rico]. It is plausible to associate the execution of these lines with the work of the graphic portfolios of Lorenzo Homar and Rafael Tufiño, “Las plenas” and “El café.”


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