Efforts to Preserve Eleuthera’s Lighthouse Point


The Institute of Bahamian Architects is calling for the preservation of Lighthouse Point on Eleuthera, with the group saying it “deplores the proposed resort development” on “one of the most precious and beautiful parts of The Bahamas”. It is calling for the government to purchase the land.

The institute in a statement said it joins with the Bahamas National Trust to support turning the most southern tip of Eleuthera into a protected space for Bahamians and tourists to enjoy. They pointed at the current, protected areas of The Bahamas as an example of what should be done at Lighthouse Point.

“There is no doubt that Lighthouse Point will be spoiled by any development, no matter what the environmental impact study states, or how ‘sensitive’ the buildings may appear to be,” the statement points out.

“We all know that there is no enforcement, and just servicing thousands of persons on a daily basis will cause massive and irreparable environmental degradation and pollution in many ways.

“Clearly, the owner of Lighthouse Point should be compensated for the value of the land, based on currently permitted development.

“This issue also highlights the importance of a development plan for the Family Islands, which would clearly identify areas which can be developed for resorts or residential, and areas which should be left undeveloped for sustainable public use.”

The institute also called for a Family Island development plan, which would inform and control any future development, to be prepared and published.

A decision is yet to be made on the future of Lighthouse Point, Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said recently.

D’Aguilar said the government has been presented with a number of proposals for the area’s development.

One of those proposals was submitted by a cruise line. Another proposal was presented by the One Eleuthera Foundation, which wants the area designated as a national park in order for the residents of Bannerman Town, Eleuthera to have the opportunity to form businesses that would cater to locals and tourists who visit the area.

Source: https://thenassauguardian.com/2018/08/20/iba-rejects-resort-development-proposals-for-eleutheras-lighthouse-point/

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