Stur 22 Caribbean-African Kitchen & Lounge


Larry L. Kubert (Lincoln Journal Star) writes about the Charles Brewer’s Stur 22 Caribbean-African Kitchen & Lounge in Lincoln, Nebraska. Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention. It is always fun to see how far Caribbean cuisine can (and does) travel! Kubert writes:

Stur 22 is a bit of an enigma.

Charles Brewer’s original concept was a lounge where people could gather, relax, consume some amazing cocktails, and communicate with friends and newly discovered friends, while surrounded by a variety of musical stylings and a colorful atmosphere. And sure, there would be a menu with a few dishes for those who wanted to dine, but the food would not be a priority. Well, all of the above is accurate for Stur 22, except for the food part – “The food overtook everything,” Brewer admits. “It is still a lounge atmosphere, but with food as a primary factor.”

Brewer is general manager and co-owner along with his wife Jamie of the establishment that opened in August of last year in the Rathbone Village area of Lincoln.

As one could glean from its official name, Stur 22 Lounge & Caribbean-African Kitchen offers a choice in cuisine and drink relatively unique to Lincoln diners.

Born in West Africa and raised in the United States, Brewer landed in Nebraska with a football scholarship at Concordia University in Seward. Graduating in 2003, he worked a variety of jobs before obtaining a Master’s degree from Doane University-Lincoln in 2012.

But the concept that eventually led to Stur 22 began in 2010, when Brewer and Jamie were visiting family in Texas. At a Dallas-area lounge/restaurant – The Lime Bar & Kitchen – Brewer was captivated by the vibe of the establishment and couldn’t stop thinking about it and talking about it with Jamie.

With 100 percent approval from his wife, Brewer started exploring the possibility of creating a similar establishment in Lincoln. Having no real background in the industry, he took part-time jobs as a bartender, cook and shift manager, learning the business from the ground as he continued his studies at Doane.

During these studies, Brewer developed a business plan for his dream establishment. He consulted with a specialist in business planning who refined his plans and suggested that Brewer consider an African cuisine instead of his original tapas-style menu. [. . .] Brewer also thought that some additional dining variety could be obtained by adding some Caribbean dishes. [. . .]

There are four appetizers: Jerk Chicken Wings ($8), Beef Patty (sort of like a Caribbean runza, $4), Plantain Slices ($4) and Caribbean Blackened Shrimp ($10). Entrees (which include choice of rice and side) are Caribbean Jerk Chicken ($12), Rasta Pasta Jerk Chicken ($13), Jollof Stew ($14), African Fish Stew ($15), Caribbean Lamb Stew ($16), Coconut Curry Oxtail ($16) and Rasta Pasta Blackened Shrimp ($17).

There are three vegan/vegetarian options: Vegan Spinach Stew ($10), Vegan Okra Stew ($10) and Vegetarian Rasta Pasta ($11). Rice and side dishes can be purchased separately and include Red Beans & Rice, Chuck Rice (okra, spinach and rice), Seasoned White Rice or Yellow Rice at $3. Side options of Mango Pineapple Cole Slaw, Fried Plantain Slices, Cilantro Mixed Greens or Rum Fruit Salad are available at $4. Gluten-free items are marked on the menu.

Brewer said that customer favorites include the Jerk Chicken Wings, Caribbean Jerk Chicken and Coconut Curry Oxtail. [. . .]

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