Special Issue of Latino Studies Journal on “Latinx of Mixed Ancestry”



Here is a call for papers for a special issue of DePaul University’s Latino Studies focusing specifically on Latinx of Mixed Ancestry (LOMA) under the direction of guest editor Thomas López. Proposals are due on September 1, 2018.

The organizers seek the following:

1) Essayists to prepare 8000 word max essays on the topic of LOMA identity. Single paragraph abstracts only are required for initial consideration.
2) We are in SPECIAL NEED for reviewers for essays after submission.
3) Shorter essays may be considered for a separate section.
4) Book reviews.

If you are interested, please send an abstract and bio to info@mascsite.org by September 1, 2018. Upon proposal approval, essay submissions will be required and a formal review process initiated.

Latino Studies is housed in the Department of Latin American and Latino Studies at DePaul University.

Latino Studies has established itself as the leading, international peer-reviewed journal for advancing interdisciplinary scholarship about the lived experience and struggles of Latinas and Latinos for equality, representation, and social justice. Sustaining the tradition of activist scholarship of the founders of Chicana and Chicano Studies and Puerto Rican Studies, the journal critically engages the study of the local, national, transnational, and hemispheric realities that continue to influence the Latina and Latino presence in the United States. It is committed to developing a new transnational research agenda that bridges the academic and non-academic worlds and fosters mutual learning and collaboration among all the Latino national groups.

Latino Studies provides an intellectual forum for innovative explorations and theorization. We welcome submissions of original research articles from scholars and practitioners in the national and international research communities.

View current and archived issues of Latino Studies.

Also see https://www.facebook.com/groups/latinostudiesassociation/ and https://mailchi.mp/25610af87799/masc-speaks-at-film-screening-beverly-hills-june-2847649?e=6462647f34

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