Raoul Peck Film Retrospective


The New Haven Free Public Library (located at 133 Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut) is hosting a retrospective series of films by Haitian director and activist Raoul Peck. The schedule includes three films: I Am Not Your Negro (Wednesday, August 1), Lumumba (Wednesday, August 8), and The Young Karl Marx (Wednesday, August 15).

Description: Masterful, insightful, astute—award-winning Haitian filmmaker and political activist Raoul Peck tells stories that matter. Echoing Peck’s rare personal background—born in Haiti, raised and educated in the Congo, France, the USA, and Germany—we are screening three of his films that reflect his international outlook. Each film will be followed by a discussion.

Raoul Peck was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Having left Haiti at a young age, fleeing the Duvalier dictatorship, he spent many years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United States, France, and Germany. He studied industrial engineering and economics at Humboldt University in Berlin, and worked as a journalist and photographer before earning a degree in film studies from the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB).

A critically acclaimed filmmaker, Peck has a long and impressive filmography that includes both feature films such as Haitian Corner (1987-88), L’homme sur les quais [The Man by the Shore] (1993), Moloch Tropical (2009), and The Young Karl Marx (2018), and documentaries, like Lumumba, la mort du prophète [Lumumba, Death of a Prophet] (1992), Le profit et rien d’autre [Profit and Nothing But! Or Impolite Thoughts on the Class Struggle] (2001), and I Am Not Your Negro (2017), among others.

For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/events/1016634191844495/

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