Afropunk features Jewelry Designer Carline Severe


Afropunk features Haitian jewelry designer Carline Severe, saying that this Haitian designer’s colorful collection, Kafedore, “celebrates the confident women that demands respect.”

Carline Severe is young jewelry designer living in Haiti who aims to use her jewelry to celebrate women, identity and friendship while also fostering self-love. Her latest collection of jewelry Kafedore is a tribute to her dearest friend Djhannha Charles, with whom she shares a great friendship.

Kafedore also celebrates women that exude the kind of confidence that demands respect. Severe believes that identity has nothing to do with material wealth or what’s in your bank account and has created the line as “a tribute to the women who respect friendship, have a deep love of self, who accept differences and appreciate talent and hard work.” [. . .]

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