Photography Exhibition—“ADÁL: Mind Fictions”


“ADÁL: Mind Fictions (or Exiles from Reality)” is a retrospective exhibition of Adal Maldonado’s work, spanning 40 years. The exhibition, which he calls “an artistic, poetic, performance sancocho,” will open on Thursday, August 23, 2018, 7:00-9:30pm at of Puerto Rico’s Museum of Contemporary Art [Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC)]. “ADÁL: Mind Fictions” is curated by Raquel Torres Arzola. The museum is located at the Rafael M. de Labra Historical Building, Ponce de León Avenue, Parada 18 [Bus Stop 18].

The photo above is one of five photos from a series of over 50 self-portraits from the series entitled “Go F_ck Your Selfie”—included in “Mind Fictions.”  As part of that series, a computer station will be connected to the artist’s “Go F_ck Your Selfie” Facebook page; here, visitors will be able to upload their own selfie through the run of the exhibition.

Description: “The exhibition gathers an extensive body of photographic and object-oriented work that delivers a brilliant and strategic constancy using ingenuity, humor and imaginative acuity as resources that allow the artist to approach—in a subversive and astute manner—the connections and vanishing points between the world of ideas, the world of the image, and the world of objects as vessels of symbolism.”

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